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Drain Line Cleaning Services in South Florida

  • All drain line problems solved
  • Video inspection, root extraction, sewer drain jet-cleaning
  • Pipe repair and pipe replacement via tunneling or through slab and wall
A note on drain line leak detection & repair and your best plan of attack:

There are many stand-alone leak detection services out there but Conner Plumbing doesn’t only detect your leak. We also come up with the game-plan and fix the problem! We are experts in detecting the leak, then drawing up the correct solution to best address your individual needs. Our experience is your benefit as we work directly with your insurance company to resolve claims in a way that is best for your situation and creates the least impact on your household. Many Plumbers don’t consider the options and go straight in with tearing out your floor or slab. That may sometimes be the best solution, but we often have less impactful and less costly options that many plumbers don’t offer like tunneling or re-routing. Ask us now about which solution is best for you! For more information, visit the Water Leak Detection & Repair Page.